Cockroach Control

Serving the Greater Birmingham, AL area locals, Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control is a fully licensed and insured full service pest control professional. Cockroach control is readily available to the community. With our affordable services, you can count on top quality execution laced with professional integrity and friendly customer service. Using state of the art equipment and advanced products, our certified technicians apply their training and experience to ensure maximum results. Whether you need a cockroach infestation eliminated or want preventative control, Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control is your leading expert.

What Kind of Roaches Infest Homes? German Cockroaches & Others

Worldwide, there are 4,600 known cockroach species and though there are several common species, German cockroaches are the most likely species infiltrating your Birmingham, Alabama home or business. Cockroaches are more than a nuisance; they can contribute to triggering asthma and allergies as well as spreading serious diseases and viruses. German cockroaches are tan or pale brown and average ½” in length. They are often discovered in kitchens and pantries hunting for food and being sensitive to the cold, these roaches seek warm shelter, making homes an attractive option. Unfortunately German cockroaches are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate from indoor environments. Do it yourself efforts are often futile and we recommend professional pest control services to stop the infestation from increasing in number.

Cockroach Inspection & Treatment in Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Bessemer, Homewood, Trussville, Mountain Brook, Helena, Center Point, Hueytown, Gardendale, Pelham, Montevallo, Chelsea & Greater Birmingham, Alabama

Additional cockroaches in Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas include Smokey brown cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, American cockroaches and Brown banded cockroaches. With the risk cockroaches pose on your home or business, you want protection from the potential damage and high risk of medical concerns they are capable of. With Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control, you can count on our experts to provide proficient preventative maintenance and/or expert removal of roach infestations. Call Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control today to get scheduled with your commercial or residential cockroach control services.

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