Importance of Wood Infestation Report (WIR) for Closing in Trussville, AL; Know How Much Termite Damage etc

In Birmingham, Alabama, whether you are planning to buy a new home or putting your current house on the market, you want to invest in a Wood Infestation Report. This document contains valuable information for all parties and is a vital component of any real estate transaction in Alabama. With this in mind, we at Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control would like to discuss the importance of WIR, or the Wood Infestation Inspection Report.

Basics of a Wood Infestation Inspection Report

Any visible signs of active or previous infestations of drywood termites, subterranean termites, wood-boring beetles, powder post beetles, or wood-decaying fungi, among other such organisms are documented in the Wood Infestation Inspection Report. Also, there are notes for areas that are inaccessible and reports conditions that are conducive to a potential infestation in the future as well as detailing any existing damage. In dealing with wood-destroying organisms, it is important to hire a licensed pest control company that specifically offers a Wood Infestation Report. The address of the structure and the names of the buyer and seller of the property, this report must contain specific information, including details about the company to be valid.

Coverage of a Wood Infestation Report

Generally, the pest company inspector will examine the entire structure, including the attic and the area beneath the house during the Wood Infestation Inspection Report process. Inspectors are trained and directed to look at pest related damage, though in some instances, they will report structural problems. Pest control inspections do not include any structural or electrical issues such as poor plumbing or leaks in their inspection or documented report. Typically, and important to know, is that a licensed home inspector can document these problems.

Importance of Wood Infestation Report

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year. This expense, unfortunately, is not typically covered by homeowner insurance. Before the purchase occurs, main purpose of the infestation report is to inform the seller and buyer of any problems, much like a home inspection report. This prevents potential buyers from unknowingly purchasing homes with prior or current insect infestations and discovering the problem down the road. Before they will loan money for the home, many banks and lending institutions also mandate that all homes need to be inspected for damage from termites or other wood-eating insects.

What is Included in a WIR Report?

Any visible infestation and damage caused by insects like termites and beetles, in addition to the decay in accessible areas of the structure is included in the wood infestation report (WIR). For decay fungi that is limited to that portion of the structure, the inspection is also below the level of the first main floor. In addition to providing current homeowners the opportunity to repair the damage to proceed with the same of the home, the inspection can help in a number of ways that include meeting requirements to banks and lending institutions that insist homes be inspected for damage from termites and other wood-destroying organisms before they will loan money on the house, giving negotiation power to potential homeowners. The WIR can help people determine the existence of termites or other wood infesting pests as well as the extent of the damage, especially since most current homeowners are reluctant to disclose any termite damage, or if they are even aware.

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