Flea Control

Providing pest control services to the commercial and residential locals in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama area, Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control is a full service pest control professional. Fully licensed and insured, our team consists of leading professionals that are trained, certified, and experienced. Among the services we provide, our technicians have the expertise to combat fleas. With the assistance of top of the line products and remarkable equipment, Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control helps prevent flea invasions as well as assists you in dealing with existing infestations.

Cat, Dog & Human Fleas

Cat fleas are the most common, followed by dog fleas and human fleas across Birmingham, Alabama. Fleas are a health risk to domestic and agricultural animals as well as people. Once fleas are brought indoors to the Birmingham, AL home or business, they will eventually detach from the host to lay eggs, and after they hatch, fleas will find a host and continue the cycle. Though fleas were never a real threat, they are considered a high health risk to both people and animals from the spreading of diseases and other issues.

Flea Inspection & Treatment in Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Bessemer, Homewood, Trussville, Mountain Brook, Helena, Center Point, Hueytown, Gardendale, Pelham, Montevallo, Chelsea & Greater Birmingham, Alabama

To protect your Birmingham, Alabama home or business, invest in a flea prevention plan with Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control. Since females can lay 2,000 eggs, and fleas can bite up to 400 times a day, you need help getting rid of fleas. With the assistance of your vet, be sure to have your pets properly protected. And for extra help keeping your pets flea-free, have your yard and home periodically treated. When you need fleas eliminated quickly or want to do what you can to avoid them, call Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control and let us do the rest.

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