Termite Inspection & Treatment

Throughout Greater Birmingham, Alabama, residential and commercial locals can rely on Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control to provide termite inspection and treatment services among the countless pest control options we provide. With fair competitive pricing, we can fit termite inspection and treatment services into most budgets. Using advanced equipment and premium products, we can ensure effective execution on services rendered. Being dedicated to our clients, Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control not only delivers superior services, but we pride ourselves on friendly customer care and professional ethics. Our specialists have the training, experience, and skills that makes certain the services our performed by the leading experts.

Subterranean Termites

The most common termite species in Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair County, AL are subterranean termites. These termites are a problem across the country and are known to cost people billions of dollars a year in damage to businesses and homes. Termites invade homes and devour wood and cellulose materials that include structure, furniture and more. Termites excavate carving galleries, or tunnels into the wooden materials as they devour the wood as they go. Though termites are active all year long, they seem to be especially so between the tail end of spring and towards mid-late summer because that is when the swarmers, or reproductive termites are most active. Swarmers feature wings and will leave their current colony to begin a new one. When they find a new location to begin establishing the new colony, they shed their wings, which can commonly be found along windowsill and other areas. Worker and soldier termites do not have wings but are an important caste that completes the colony. To see the different physical characteristics, one will need a microscope.

Termite Inspection

When people suspect termite infestations, whether you own a home or business, it is essential to contact Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control for a termite inspection service. Our experienced specialists will inspect your Birmingham, AL home or business thoroughly and efficiently from top to bottom to look for concentrated areas of termites and the extent of damage to determine the seriousness of the infestation in order to ensure efficient extermination with our proven and effective methods.

Signs of Termites

Should termites be confirmed in your commercial or residential structure, our professional will discuss treatment procedures specific to the individual circumstances. Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control understands that the termite treatment process can be overwhelming, and we do everything to make it as simple as possible. Red flags of termite infestations are as follows:
– Discovering swarmers that resemble flying ants, as mentioned before, are out to begin new colonies and indicates an established colony close by.
– Finding piles of discarded wings.
– Buckling paint and tiny holes in wood surfaces.
– Stretching up from the ground to the ceiling constructed mud tubes commonly along a wall is a sign of subterranean termites.
– The exterior of wood is observed to be thin and brittle due termites will consume and excavate within the wood’s interior.

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Ultimately, when you first notice the potential termite infestation in your home or business, you need to contact Guardian Pest & Wildlife Control sooner than later to limit the very costly damage termites can inflict. Call us today to schedule your termite inspection service in the Greater Birmingham, AL area and if termites are found, we will begin treatment as soon as possible.

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